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Applying for a pardon (record suspension) in Canada
– some straight talk


You made a mistake. You paid your debt to society. Now it's time to reclaim your freedom.

Unfortunately, there's a lot of misinformation around the topic of pardons in Canada. Google "pardons Canada" and you'll find all sorts of companies eager to take your money.

Some masquerade as government agencies, others use phony emblems or clever gimmicks to "earn" your trust. All of them claim to provide either the fastest pardons or the cheapest pardons in Canada – or both.

We're not like that. Don't get me wrong, we can get you a pardon as fast as the next guy, and for a lot less than most. We're just not going to scream out inflated claims like "fastest pardons in Canada" or some crazy "99.9%" success rate.

What we will do is promise we'll get you a pardon as fast as anyone else out there. (OK, usually faster.) We'll charge you much less than most other companies (just $580), and we won't surprise you with any hidden fees down the road.

If that sounds fair, simply call 1.800.479.9990 or fill out the form at the top to start reclaiming your freedom today. (Ask us about our flexible payment plans!)

If you're still not convinced, read on . . .

Six facts about obtaining a pardon in Canada

Pardon Fact #1: You don't need to hire anyone

Despite what some would have you believe, you can apply for a pardon on your own. The reality, however, is that you'll likely get your pardon much, much faster if you hire a professional.

Why? Because the Parole Board of Canada has very high standards when it comes to pardon applications; if you've never applied for a pardon before, the deck is stacked against you! There's a tonne of paperwork, and each seemingly insignificant mistake will set you back months – and likely send you scrambling back to the courts, your local police and other agencies.

Recent stats released by the Parole Board show that nearly half of all pardon applications are returned at least once. We, on the other hand, have never had a single application returned incomplete.

What we do isn't rocket science, but we know exactly what we're doing. We'll submit your pardon application right the first time – usually within just 60 to 120 days. That will save you months of stress and hassle, and get your criminal record cleared that much sooner.

Sound good? Call 1.800.479.9990 to learn more or fill out the form at the top.

Pardon Fact #2: Beware of companies offering "premium" or "urgent" pardons

The sad reality is that our industry has been tarnished by the shady practices of some companies. Any professional pardon company can submit your pardon application quickly and efficiently. Some just choose to charge extra for that basic service.

When you see a company offering "premium" or "expedited" pardons, it usually just means they'll drag their feet a bit if you purchase their standard service. They practically force you to upgrade to a higher fee!

We believe every client deserves the fastest service possible, and that you shouldn't have to pay more to get it. In fact, with us you'll pay a lot less. (Just $580)

Pardon Fact #3: There's a tonne of paperwork involved

The folks at the Parole Board like to remind you that no company can get your pardon approved faster than anyone else. And they're right – sort of. The Parole Board takes 3 to 12 months – sometimes longer – to process pardon applications, and there's nothing anyone can do about that.

The real work, however, happens before your application is even submitted. It involves hunting down a pile of documents and making several visits to courts and police detachments. Fun stuff, right?

The Parole Board's "step-by-step instructions" sound simple to follow, but they're not actually accurate or complete. That's why so many people who are eager to put their criminal record behind them hire us. We do the heavy lifting – we collect your documents, make sure every last detail is in order and submit your application properly, and much faster than you'd be able to do on your own.

The result? You save yourself a heap of stress, and your criminal record is gone months sooner than if you'd tried to do it all yourself.

Pardon Fact #4: There are always additional fees

Our fee for a guaranteed pardon is just $580. That's the good news. Because we insist on transparency, though, we'll let you know the bad news up front: there are lots of other fees involved with obtaining a pardon. You hate them. We hate them. But you can't get a pardon without them.

If someone tells you there won't be extra fees, they're probably lying. Here are a few of the ones you'll be responsible for:

  • RCMP digital fingerprinting: $75
  • Court information: $20 (Alberta convictions only)
  • Local police record check: $0-$80 (varies by detachment)
  • Parole Board Processing fee: $631

Pardon Fact #5: The eligibility rules for pardons have changed

When the Canadian government replaced the term "pardon" with "record suspension" in 2012, it also enacted stricter eligibility requirements for pardons. (Note: We still use the term "pardon" because that's the term most of our clients understand.)

Some will have you believe the eligibility requirements are as simple as sitting out the required waiting period, but they're actually much more complicated. Submit your application before you're eligible, though, and you'll waste a heap of cash – not to mention your time.

With just one phone call, we can tell you if you're eligible for a pardon or not. If not, it won't cost you a dime – but it could save you a mint. Just call 1.800.479.9990 to find out.

Pardon Fact #6: Your criminal record will NEVER go away on its own

Despite what you may have heard, the only way to hide your criminal record is to receive a pardon (AKA record suspension). To start the process, just call 1.800.479.9990 or fill out the form at the top.

“Before I found you I’d tried several other pardon companies that weren’t able to even complete the application, let alone get me a pardon. You processed my pardon in less time than it took the last guy to even start working on my case!”

Brent - Vancouver, BC

Put your past where it belongs: behind you.

Call 1.800.479.9990 today to reclaim your freedom.

Because every day you wait is another day with a criminal record.

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